Monday, September 1, 2014

Aandhiyan - 1952 Hit Hindi Film - Full Film YouTube Video

1952 Hit Film

Top 10

Dev Anand, Nimmi, Kalpana Kartik, K.N.Singh, Durga Khote
Director: Chetan Anand

Ram Mohan an honest lawyer is in love with Janaki the beautiful daughter of Din Dayal. Din Dayal accepts the marriage proposal. Kuber Das, a rich businessman also wants to marry Janaki and devises a wicked plan to achieve his objective. He asks the already cash strapped Din Dayal to either sell of his assets and repay the loan he had given in the past or give his daughter Janaki's hand in marriage.

The story is about how Ram Mohan counters Kuber Das.

The film won international accolades at the Venice, Moscow and Peking film festivals.

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