Thursday, September 25, 2014

Vidya - Dev Anand 1948 Film

#Devanand Dev Anand Birthday Special

Commercially Successful Film

Jeet Productions

Anand, Suraiya, Madan Puri, Cuckoo

Director:G. Trivedi
Music:S. D. Burman


Born in a low-caste family of chamars (cobblers), Chandu alias Chandrashekhar (Dev Anand) works with his father in repairing shoes and other footware.  . One day a girl from a rich and wealthy family, Vidya (Suraiya) stops by to get her shoe repaired. She advises  Chandu to stop doing this work  and go to school and study. She offers help financially to  Chandu. Chandu goes to school and studies well. Both grow up and are attracted to each other. They want to  marry, but Vidya's dad does not permit his daughter to mingle with a boy from a lower caste. How the problem was resolved is the story of the film.

Vidya - YouTube Video


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