Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dev Anand - How Did He Manage to Produce Movies Even Without Successes?

Dev Anand after Des Pardes did not really come out with a successful movies. But still he continued producing films till his death? How could he do it?

People say it is because he had not taken his remuneration. He used to give opportunities to new actors and actresses. Hence his cost of movie is to come to around Rs. 2 crores when other producers were spending Rs. 15 cr. Also, it was a hobby of Dev Anand. He used to get an income of around Rs. 20 Cr for year from his portfolio of hit films and investments that he had made. So spending rupees 2 crores each year also is not a big burden for him to satisfy his urge to be in the thick of film making. Has he contributed to the development of film technology and also to the development of new actors, actresses and technicians. One has to carefully see the actors, actresses and technicians that he had used in his films.

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