Thursday, September 25, 2014

Darling Darling - Dev Anand 1977 Film

Film is a Commercial Success.

Dev Anand, Zeenat Aman, Helen, Nadira, Jeevan, Durga Khote

Director : Gogi Anand
Music : Kishore Kumar

Dev Anand, A big businessman belonging to a high class family meets  Zeenat Aman, belonging  to a poor family, bearing all the torture from her step family members. Dev Anand changes Zeenath Aman into a stylish one and falls in lovewith her.

Darling Darling YouTube Video


ALF Hindi Mirch Masala upload

Popular songs- "Aise Na Mujhe Tum Dekho, Seene Se Laga Lunga"

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