Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mahal - Dev Anand 1965 Film

#Devanand Dev Anand Birthday Special

Dev Anand Simi Garewal Nanda Kalpana I. S. Johar
Director: Amarjeet
Producer: Amarjeet
Story: Sadashiv Brahmam & Vrajendra Gaur

Hero Dev Anand meets at various points in time three ladies and all three are interested in marrying hims. Who will he choose?

 The pretty Nanda (Nanda) finds herself, as she sees it, being followed one day by a man, Dev Dutt Anand (Dev Anand)  who sat  in the bus beside her, and  bought a ticket for Dalhousie (after she's bought one) and has followed her into the boarding house where she lives. At this point, Nanda loses her temper and yells at Dev, threatening to call the police. The boarding house's owners, Mr Pinto (Harindranath Chattopadhyay) and his wife (Ruby Myers) see them and tell Nanda that she's misunderstood and  Dev is their new lodger. Nanda is sheepish and embarrassed. But Dev sings in his room about her.  and she  in her room. Within a couple of days, they're good friends. In fact, Nanda is pretty much in love with Dev. He even goes off on a day trip into the countryside with her.

One evening, Dev's sitting on a bench in a park when a passing car goes hurtling through a puddle, and Dev is liberally splashed. He calls out to the driver Kalpana (Kalpana) that something's fallen off her car. Curious, she reverses, then gets out of the car to have a look around. Dev is fiddling with a hosepipe and turns it on her, leaving her wet and furious.When she gets into her car and tries to start it, it won't start. Soon, a bunch of stragglers gather around and start creating nuisance. Finally, Dev takes pity on her and offers to attend to her car; the engine kicks in immediately, and Dev takes it upon himself to drive her to back home. By the time they reach her house with  his coat over her wet and shivering shoulders -- this mysterious lady is more kindly disposed towards Dev, though she doesn't show it. In her house,when she's changing her wet clothes, she looks fondly down at his coat... and sees his notebook of poems sticking out of the pocket. She has a look through it and falls in love.

Simi Garewal is a socialite and one day meets Dev. She also taking liking for Dev.


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