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1926 - Bollywood - Hindi Movies History - Releases - Videos

Films Released

A Crown For Two Days
Briefless Barrister
Bulbule Parastan
Immortal Hope
Light Of Asia
Lion Of Mewar
Marriage Market
Meena Kumari
Midnight Rider
Society Buttrfly
Telephone Girl
The Pretender

Ardeshir Irani and Abdulallay Esoofally formed Imperial Film in Mumbai.

Bollywood Celebrity Births

Anoop Kumar - 9 January 1926 - Appeared in Fashionable Wife 1938
Nalini Jaywant - 18 February - First appeared in Bahen (1941)
Noor Jehan - 21 September -  Acted as a child in 1935 film Pind di Kuri
O.P. Nayyar ओंकार प्रसाद नैय्यर - 16 January - Music Director - First Film - Kaneez (1949)
Prem Nath - 21 November 1926 - Made his debut in film Ajit in 1948
Raaj Kumar  - 8 October 1926 - Started film career with Rangeeli in 1952
Ravi (Music Director) - 3 March 1926 - Started film career with Anand Math (Hemant Kumar gave him the chance)
Shakti Samanta - 13 January - started as assistant director for the Raj Kapoor film Sunhere Din in 1948
Uttam Kumar - 3 September - Famous Bengali actor - Appeared in some Hindi Movies.

Actress Manorama started her career in the film Jayadev as child artiste with the name Iris. Her original name is Erin Issac Daniel. Her well known role is in Seeta Aur Geeta as the tyrant aunt.

Hindi Films Released up to 1929 - Post in this blog only.

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