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Hit Films of Various Top Bollywood Actors - A Comparison

He has appeared in 275 films - 148 multi star cast films -  86 solo hero films. Off these 148 multi star cast films - 99 were flops and off the 86 solo hero films - 37 were flops

Amitabh Bachchan

He has done  42 solo hero films -  20 films as supporting actor -, 64 multi star cast films, His major success is in mutli star cast films where off 64 films - 40 were hits and only 24 were flops. Has 21 hits and also 21 flops of his 42 solo hero films.  13 flops out of 20 as a supporting actor.

Jeetendra gave 116 box office hits. as the lead hero from 1964-1997,
From 222 films he appeared till 2007.Jeetendra has 98 films  as a solo hero and rest are multi-star cast.

Vinod Khanna did 55 solo hero films of which 27 were hits and did 46 multi-star cast films of which 29 were box-office success.

Rishi Kapoor got 51 films as the solo lead hero from 1974-1997. 40 were box -office flops and only 11 were hits - which were Bobby, Laila Majnu, Rafoo Chakkar, Sargam, Karz, Prem Rog, Nagina, Honeymoon, Banjaran, Heena and Bol Radha Bol. In multi star-cast movies from 1977-1994.Rishi Kapoor did 41 multi star cast films of them 16 were flops and 25 were hits.

Rajesh Khanna
Rajesh Khanna has 73 Golden Jubilee Hits and 22 Silver Jubilee hits.  He has done 128 films as lead protogonist and of them 106 were solo hero films.He has done guest appearances and worked as supporting actor in rest of his films (total being165 films ).

He had 35 Golden Jubilee Hits (where the films ran for more than 50 weeks in theatres across India) in the period 1967–1975, three more in 76–78 and 35 more in the period 1979–1991. He also had 22 silver jubilee hits (that is films ran in theatres for more than 25 weeks) in the period 1966–1991.

Shashi Kapoor has appeared in 159 Hindi films - of them played the solo lead hero in 63 films, was lead hero in 51 multi star cast Hindi films and 22 Hindi films had him in supporting role, Shashi Kapoor did 63 solo lead hero films in Hindi and, of them, 35 were super-hits. Shashi did 51 multi-star cast movies where Shashi was one of the lead heroes and, of them, 30 were super-hits.

For Dev Anand - 82 were box office hits and 29 were commercial failures. By 2011, he held the record for being the second actor from Hindi films who has played the central solo lead character in maximum films—104, with first being Rajesh Khanna who played author backed solo lead hero in maximum films 106.

Shammi Kapoor has done only 59 films as a hero and  24 were hits.

Dilip Kumar has  27  hits in 1945-1976 and 8 in 1980-1996. 

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