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Bollywood - Hindi Movies with War - Military as Backdrop

 Border (1997)

Haqeekat 1964


A platoon of Indian soldiers stand up to Chinese soldiers in Sino-Indian War of 1962. The platoon soldiers are considered dead but they are rescued by Ladakhi tribesmen and by Capt. Bahadur Singh (Dharmendra). They are asked to retreat from their post (chowky) as the Chinese have surrounded them. Capt. Bahadur Singh and his girlfriend Angmo (Priya Rajvansh) die holding the Chinese at bay so that their comrades can retreat to safety. But the retreating soldiers are heavily outnumbered and they give up their lives for the country. This film is based on real incident in Sino-Indian War, where a platoon has shown a rare dedication to duty.  It is even said, that this battle showed to Chinese what Indian soldiers are capable of once they start fighting back with courage and determination for every inch of land of the country.

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Lakshya 2004

1971 (2007)
The film is an account of the escape of six soldiers of the Indian Army taken as prisoners of war by Pakistan Army, during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971.
Actors: Manoj Bajpayee,  Ravi Kishan, Sunil Chavan, Deepak Dobriyal, Chittaranjan Giri,  Maj. Bikramjeet Singh
Directed by Amrit Sagar

My star movies

LOC Kargil (2003)

Tango Charlie (2005)
Bobby Deol, Ajay Devgan
Sepoy Tarun Chauhan is sent on a mission to North-east India to combat Bodo rebels, with orders to report to his superior, Havaldar Mohammed Ali. Tarun goes on more missions all over the country  killing terrorists. An incident in Guiarat leaves him shell shocked. The film is on how Tarun interprets the incident and face terrorists further.

Upload Shemaroo

Akraman (1975)
Ajay Verma is a major in the Indian army.  His family has arranges his marriage with Sheetal. Shortly before their marriage Pakistan declares war and attacks India and Ajay and all other soldiers are recalled to duty. The action is now in war front.

Actors: Ashok Kumar Sanjeev Kumar Rakesh Roshan Rekha Rajesh Khanna
Directed by J. Om Prakash


Vijeta (1982)

Dhoop (2003)

Lalkaar (1972)

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