Sunday, July 6, 2014

Role of YouTube in Bollywood - 2014

Even though, Bollywood can target at least 300 million (30 crore) people, it is only reaching 45 million (4.5 crore) people now. Karan Johar says, Bollywood has to figure out how to increase the reach. This point is corroborated by the fact that Sunny Deol's Gadar had highest audience of 4 crore.

YouTube can play an important role in expanding the reach of  Bollywood cinema. As in India mobile phones are expected to increase up to 800 million and more and more phones with the capability of net expanding, Bollywood can make the film viewing more easy and economical for masses. As there are large number of movies for free viewing on YouTube, some extra promotion on the part of Bollywood can increae viewers on YouTube. Once, people are viewing old hits on YouTube, they can be informed the theater availability of new cinemas and even arrangements can be there for mobile booking. Mobile booking of tickets in theaters can make going to theaters an easy proposition for rural people. There can be innovations like running a bus for theater going rural public once in a week with advance booking facility. A bus which goes around 10 villages can get around 30 passengers.

Presently Film Julie uploaded by Rajshri has 7.35 million views.
Vivah also uploaded by Rajshri has 3.61 million views.(6 July 2014)

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