Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Devdas - 1936 K.L. Saigal Film

The film is based  on the Novel by Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay called Devdas. Devdas (K.L. Saigal) and Paro (Jamuna) are childhood friends. When they decide to marry, Devdas' father disapproves the relationship as they belong to a very rich family. When Devdas is away in  Calcutta for higher studies, Parvati's marriage is fixed with a wealthy zamindar, a widower with children older than his  new young  wife. When  Devdas  comes to know this, he drowns his sorrows in alcohol. His friend  Chunilal  introduces him to an attractive courtesan, Chandramukhi (Rajkumari). Chandramukhi decides to nurse Devdas. But still Devdas drinks more and more becomes sick and starts to meet Paro for the last time. He reaches her house and dies.

This story is made into a film number of times and in number of languages and it was hit many times.



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