Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Chor Chor Superchor - 2013 Hindi Movie - YouTube Video Upload by Shemaroo

Relased 2 August 2013

Director K. Rajesh
Producer Ved Kataria - Renu Kataria

Deepak Dobriyal
Anshul Kataria
Priya Bathija
Paru Uma
Alok Chaturvedi
Bramha Mishra
Jagat Rawat
Chandrahas Tiwari
Shrikant Verma
Anurag Arora
Avtar Sahni

Music: Mangesh Dhakde

Story Line

Satbir (Deepak Dobriyal), a former pickpocket, intends to make a fresh start in life after he falls in love with Neena (Priya Bhatija). Satbir stops  going to Shuklaji (Avtar Sahani), his mentor. He chooses work as a person who attracts people to a  food stall. But Amol (Jagat Rawat), another criminal gang leader,  on a mission to poach Shuklaji's loyal men to form his own gang is after him.



Video uploaded by Shemaroo on 15 July 2014

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