Friday, July 11, 2014

Jaal: The Trap - Hindi Movie - Information - Videos

Film cast: Sunny Deol, Tabu, Amrish Puri,

Saw the film on TV channel on 11 July 2014


Ajay is an upcoming pop star and is the son of a patriot named Major Amrish Kaul. Junaid Afghani, a dreaded terrorist abducts Ajay's girlfriend Neha and offers him a deal to swap Neha with Anita, the daughter of a senior army general, under the security of Ajay's father. Ajay befriends Anita and pretends to be in love with her only to hand her over to Afghani. However, Ajay finds out that Neha is actually Afghani's associate and the abduction drama was a ploy to get Anita as a hostage and free another dreaded terrorist Naved Rabbani being held by the Indian army. Ajay's deeds lead to his father's dishonor and drive him to the point of suicide. Ajay goes after the terrorists and brings back Anita and Rabbani. Neha is killed in the fights that happen.



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