Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hum Log - 1951 Hit Hindi Film - Full Film YouTube Video

1951 Hindi Hit Film

Top 9
Date of Release 5.1.1951

Nutan, Shyama, Durga Khote, Balraj Sahni, Sajjan and Anwar

Director Zia Sarhadi


Haricharandas lives an impoverished lifestyle along with his wife; an unemployed  son, Raj; an ill daughter, Paro, and a younger son, Chota. He makes  barely enough to make ends meet. One day he brings home Rs.1000/- from his office, Raj finds it, and gives it to his friend, Kundan. Haricharandas is arrested and sent to prison. Haricharandas' wife is forced to sell her belongings but there is further shock when she is told by the doctor  that Paro's illness is very serious and she must be quarantined before it spreads to the rest of the family. Story of troubles of a poor family.



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