Saturday, July 12, 2014

Deedar - 1951 Hindi Hit Film - Full Film YouTube Video

1951 Hit Film
Top 4
Date of Release: 9 March 1951

Dilip Kumar, Nargis,Ashok Kumar

Director: Nitin Bose



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The story features a young boy, Shamu (Dilip Kumar) who works with his widowed mother at the orchards of a rich man. He forms a special bond with owner's daughter Mala (Nargis) and spends most of his time with her. However, Shamu & his mother are fired from the job and  relocate to another town along with their family. Shamu is depressed and escapes home only to get entangled in a turbulent sandstorm and loose his eye sight. Shamu continues to live with his sister, Champa making  a living by singing on the streets. His life takes a positive turn when a generous Dr. Kishore offers to restores his eyesight for free. He sets out to look for his childhood love Mala and finds her engaged to Dr. Kishore. What will he do?

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