Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sangdil - 1952 Hit Hindi Movie - Full Film YouTube Video

1952 Hit

Top 7

Dilip Kumar, Madhubala


Shankar is born in a rich family. He got all the love and luxury a person could ask for, a loving father, caring maid and a friend, Kamala who was the love of his life. But after his father's death, his mother splurges not only all the money in the house but also Kamala's wealth. She then sends  her to an orphanage. Kamala escapes from the orphanage and lands up at a temple to become a Shiv Pujaran. On the other hand, Shankar who is also deeply in love with Kamala isolates himself from the world in such a way that he hates women. But he has turned into a notorious rich thakur who is always throwing money on the women he plays around with. Kamala and Shankar meet again. Shankar does not recognize Kamala but falls for Kamala's beauty. Kamala can't believe that her Shankar could ever be so evil.  As the movie story proceeds, the darkness in his life and the hollowness created by Kamala's absence is revealed. Realising the undying love that Shankar has for her, Kamala breaks the holy path that she had chosen for herself and, decides to marry Shankar. Shankar's mother resurfaces again creating problems once again.



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Hit Song of the Movie

Yey Hawa - Dilip Kumar - Singer: Talat Mehmood


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Indicated as hit by Vidur Chatervedi

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