Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pratibandh - 1990 Hit Hindi Film Video

1990 Hit Number 10
YouTube Video

Chiranjeevi and Juhi Chawla


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Siddhanth is a Sub-Inspector with Bombay Police. When Jeevan Ram loses his election to Home Minister, Hirawat Chowdhary, he threatens to expose him. Before he could initiate legal proceedings, his dead body is found on a railway track, this is treated as a case of suicide and his file is closed. Then a young woman, a toy vendor by the name of Shanti, comes forward and claims that she is a witness to Jeevan's murder. Siddhanth protects her, gives her shelter and marries her,  to ensure her safety.

By doing this he has offended the State's Chief Minister, the Home Minister, his superior officer the D.I.G., an illicit liquor baron, Katkar, and a dreaded underground gangster known only as Spot Nana. They all  set out to teach Siddhanth a lesson. His life and the life of his pregnant wife are in danger.How does Siddhanth face this?

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