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Vyjayantimala -Biography, Films and Videos Information

Date of birth 13 August 1936 (13 August NRUTube Video Theater)

Vyjayanthimala  made her debut in the Tamil language film Vazhkai in 1949 and in the Telugu Film Jeevitham in 1950.

She  acted in Bollywood films Bahar and Ladki. The success of Nagin made her a star. Vyjayanthimala appeared in Devdas playing Chandramukhi. She was given Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress at the 4th Filmfare Awards for Devdas but she refused to accept the award citing that her role was not a supporting role, being the first person to refuse a Filmfare Award. Following that, Vyjayanthimala appeared in series of blockbuster films such as New Delhi, Naya Daur and Aasha. She reached the pinnacle of her success in 1958, when two of her films; Sadhna and Madhumati became huge critical and commercial hits. She was nominated for two films for Best Actress Award for Sadhna and Madhumati and won the award for the former.

 In 1961, the release of Dilip Kumar's Ganga Jumna saw her playing a rustic village belle Dhanno who speak Bhojpuri dialect, critics applauded her performance with some labeled it as her best performance till date. She won her second Filmfare Award for Best Actress for her role in Ganga Jumna.

In 1964 with the success of Sangam her career hit the peak . She reinvented herself playing a modern Indian girl while appearing in revealing costumes and one-piece swimsuit. She went to receive her third Best Actress Award at the 12th Filmfare Awards for her role as Radha in Sangam. She later achieved critical acclaim for her performance in the historical drama Amrapali, which was based on the life of Nagarvadhu (royal courtesan) of Vaishali, Amrapali. Though the film received universal acclaim but it was a huge box office failure, Vyjayanthimala, who had a huge expectation on the film, was disenchanted to the point where she decided to quit films. Commercially successful films such as Suraj, Jewel Thief, Prince and  Sunghursh were released after Vyjayanthimala had left the film industry.

Vyjayanthimala  contested in 1984  general election for the South Chennai constituency as the nominee of the Indian National Congress opposite Era Sezhiyan, the leader of Janata Party and seasoned parliamentarian. She won the election with margin of about 48,000 votes was in the Lok Sabha with Amitabh Bachchan.

In 1989, Vyjayanthimala again beat her opposition by nearly 12584  votes. In 1993, she was nominated to the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of the Parliament of India for a six-year term. She joined the Bharatiya Janata Party on 6 September 1999.

Important Films of Vyjayantimala - YouTube Videos 

1951 Bahar

1954 Nagin 

1955 Devdas as Chandramukhi - Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress (refused)

1956 New Delhi

Naya Daur

Sadhna - Filmfare Award for Best Actress

Gunga Jumna - Filmfare Award for Best Actress - BFJA Award for Best Actress

Sangam - Filmfare Award for Best Actress

Jewel Thief 

Sunghursh -  BFJA Award for Best Actress


All Songs Videos of Vyjayantimala Films

Pyar Hi Pyar
Dharmendra, Vyjayantimala



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