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Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje - 1955 Super Hit Film Video

Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje - 1955 Super Hit Film

Number 3 of the year

Director : V Shantaram
Producer : Rajkamal Kalamandir
Writer : Dewan Sharar
Music : Vasant Desai

Gopi Krishna, Sandhya, Keshavrao Date, Bhagwan Dada


Classical dance guru Mangal watches a dance performance by a dancer Neela in a lavish haveli, He orders his talented son Girdhar to dance. Neela is impressed and begs Mangal to admit her as a pupil. He agrees on two conditions: she must devote her life to art and she must partner Girdhar in the Tandav portion of an upcoming dance competition. TThee two practice together and she begins to fall in love with Girdhar. Manilal, a wealthy and jealous man who wants to marry  Neera  warns Mangal. When Mangal goes away for some time to buy new costumes for the pair, they confess their love to each other and neglect their dancing in favor of idyllic walks and boat rides. Mangal returns and discovers that the two are in love. Enraged that Girdhar's dancing has suffered and believing that he will now never win the title of Bharat Natarajan, he resolves to leave him. Dismayed that she has endangered Girdhar's career,  Neela tries to drown herself in the river, but is rescued by a kindly sadhu. She decides to follow the example of the minstrel Meerabai and devotes her life to Krishna, but is alarmed when Girdhar appears declaring that he can not forget her. She pretends not to know him and he is enraged; his father takes him away. She becomes ill and the sadhu and her servant Bindiya take her to the temple where the dance competition is being held. Hoping to sabotage his chances, Manilal has bribed Girdhar's new partner to drop out of the competition. Neela takes her place in the Tandav dance and Mangal realizes that she spurned Girdhar to help him win the competition. With the help of Neela, Girdhar wins the competition and Mangal gives the couple his blessing to marry.


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