Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DEEWAR - Super Hit Hindi 1975 Full Movie Video

The embedded video of Deewar is removed by us because it was not uploaded by a YouTube partner. We did a special drive to identify and remove all non-YT partners videos. The videos loaded by non-YT partners are frequently removed and even accounts are being terminated. But certain videos remain for a long period of time. May be the producers and distributors are not lodging a formal complaint with YouTube. Whenever they launch, YouTube promptly removes the videos and it is even giving bloggers warnings if they have links of non-YT partners videos which get objections from copy right holders.

A fresh list of videos of Hindi  Hit and Superhit films uploaded YouTube partners is under preparation

New List of Hindi  Hit and Superhit films Full Movie Videos on YouTube, Yahoo and other free to view video platforms

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